Confessions of a Bride-to-Be

1. I dreamt of my wedding from as young as 6 years old. Yes, I was that girl.

2. I would rather spend more money on shoes than a wedding dress. Shoes last longer.

3. When I knew my fiancé was about to propose – woman’s intuition – I said ‘No, no – don’t do it!’ There was logic in my crazy ways somewhere. Thankfully he ignored me.

4. When we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, back in 2005, we said that if we were still together on our 10 year anniversary, June 2014, then we would marry. I never actually thought it would happen.

5. I planned my whole wedding before I was engaged, yet it is going to be completely different to what I always thought I wanted.

6. I haven’t bought a wedding magazine, not even just the one.

7. On the other hand, I have read wedding blogs for years *maybe even before I was engaged*

8. I hope my wedding is as beautiful as my Pinterest board.

9. Which also leads me to my Pinterest board. I had a wedding Pinterest board long before I was engaged. Pinterest is amazing for wedding planning.

10. I designed my engagement ring months before he proposed. I didn’t think he bought it. But he did.

11. My ring is a pale pink sapphire with 48 tiny diamonds and I absolutely LOVE the colour in bright daylight when it is a pale pink/grey. It’s different and I love that.

12. As you can tell, I am a control freak. I am also planning my own hen party because of the said control freak nature in me.

13. We are getting married in South West France, which was inspired by Georgia’s beautiful wedding in France (from Before The Big Day).

14. I haven’t found wedding planning difficult in the slightest, which is perhaps something to do with working as an Events Coordinator. However, I have found that managing the expectations of others is the hardest part.

15. My partner does not even know the place we are getting married. This is a true story. His response is ‘somewhere in France…’

16. I am having 3 wedding dresses. A 1920’s vintage dress, a custom-made wedding dress that I designed based on a few styles from Galia Lahav and Inbal Dror, and a third yet to be found.

17. My favourite wedding blogs are Style Me Pretty and Before The Big Day. Go check them out.

18. I love flowers. And lace. These will feature in the wedding theme quite heavily.

19. Peonies, hydrangeas, sweet avalanche roses and gypsophila are my flowers of choice.

20. I actually can’t wait for the wedding to be over so we can start the next chapter together.


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