Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Review – A Winter Favourite

With Winter fast approaching, a blog post on the Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream seems appropriate. I first tried this day cream last Winter after sampling it in a beauty box and my love affair with Dr Hauschka products began.

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Organic Natural Face Moisturiser for Winter Dry Skin

I have combination skin and while this moisturiser feels too heavy and a little too oily during Summer, it’s actually perfect for me in Winter.

Although it says it is most suited to dry, sensitive and mature skin, if you do have combination/oily skin, I would still try a sample. And if you find it too heavy, try the Rose Day Cream Light instead.

As with all Dr Hauschka products, the rose day cream is made from all natural ingredients including rose oil, wild rose hip extract, shea butter and the extract of over 1,075 organic rose petals. The combination of ingredients gives a rich, floral scent that could be slightly too overpowering for some but I absolutely love it.

The cream is incredibly rich and moisturising, maintains moisture levels and regenerates the top layer of skin. While the consistency is quite thick, it spreads really well and can be used sparingly.

Simply squeeze a small amount onto the palm of your hands, warm by pressing your hands together and apply to the face and neck. It works really well as a base for makeup and leaves skin feeling super smooth and soft all day.

I initially wanted to use this as a night cream but then I read on the Dr Hauschka website that they don’t recommend night creams – as the skin uses this period to excrete toxins absorbed during the day.

And this actually makes so much sense as when I have used night creams in the past, my skin has felt very oily the following morning!

At £28 for a 30ml tube, it is quite expensive but definitely a product more than worth the price – particularly if you have dry skin or wish to use only natural, organic face creams.


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