London OOTD

For my afternoon in London today I kept my outfit casual and comfy. Which really means my staple of ankle boots, leggings and a hat.

I think the cute frilly bow socks peeking out of my boots make it a little more interesting, no?

Now, the hat. I seem to be wearing hats a lot recently and as much as I would love to say it’s a style choice, it’s more laziness with my hair.

Frilly Bow Socks Boots Fall Autumn Fashion 2013 London

Around this time of year I always debate having a fringe cut in. Most of the time I just go for it, love it for a few months and then get tired of growing it out, or I stay sensible and remember how much I hated it before!

My hair is boring me though and it really needs a change. From going blonde last year it is still in really poor condition so a drastic colour change is out of the question. I tried ombre years ago and kind of liked that. But not for too long.

I’m stuck in a hair rut and hats seem to be the only answer. For now.




    1. Thank you. Hats seem to be my favourite accessory right now!

      How short did you go? There are so many lovely short styles right now.

      Sam x

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