It’s a statement necklace kind of day…

When it comes to jewellery I’m not particularly too adventurous. My ‘uniform’ consists of pearl earrings, a Tiffany necklace I never seem to take off and a vintage-style ring my mum bought me from Egypt that I’ve worn for years.

On nights out I also tend to stick to a routine; chandelier earrings, a bangle or two and a costume style ring. Sometimes a necklace.

But that’s not to say I don’t have a chest full of jewellery that is screaming to be worn. So, out comes this statement necklace I found in Marrakech  – via a rather embarrassing haggling session from my boyfriend – a few years ago that has sadly only been worn two times.

Statement Necklace Turquoise 3 Row

It’s a gorgeous turquoise colour with silver clasps at the side and while quite heavy with three rows of beads (?), it sits well and is actually quite comfortable to wear.

I need to wear statement necklaces more. They really do make simple outfits more exciting.


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