Bardot Inspired Big Bouffant Hair

Brigitte Bardot is the original Big Hair Babe. And I love big hair. I love that the ‘Bardot’ look is classic yet soft and sexy. It can really be styled to create a dramatic evening look or a ‘just got out of bed’ messy style for effortless daytime glamour.

Brigitte Bardot Bouffant Big Hairstyle Easy Quick

This is my daytime ‘Bardot’ look with a medium-sized bouffant and a VB-esque pout.

So, how did I achieve this look? Well my hair is thick to start with and needs a lot of product to keep it in place. It also has a fondness of frizz, much to my dismay. I used the following products to give my hair some extra volume, root-lift and bounce!

1. Although I styled the bouffant on day-old hair, when I did wash it I used the VO5 High Definition spray which works as both a heat protector and root-lift. It’s also good for smoothing out frizz!

2. I started out by sectioning my hair into a T working at the front. So I put the front two sections in rollers and clipped up the top part that’s going to be backcombed. I spritzed a little hairspray over the rollers to keep them in place.

3. I then used the Schwarzkopt got2b Volumising Style Powder to create some instant volume. I sprinkled it throughout my roots and worked it through my hair. The texture is quite sticky and the colour is white but this becomes transparent once worked through.

4. Next up I backcombed my hair starting from the back of my head using the teasing brush. This is such a useful little tool and super affordable. Typically I don’t like to backcomb my hair as it’s so damaging but by using the brush and got2b powder combination, I find that it requires less work to reach maximum volume!

5. Once the top half of my head was backcombed, I used a comb to gently brush it all back and secure with kirby grips. I took the rollers out and added a little extra lift with the teasing brush before spraying hairspray all over. I then loosely curled the rest of my hair so that it had the ‘made to be messy’ look.

And there we have it. A medium-sized Bardot inspired bouffant that is relatively easy to style and a look I love to play around with.

♥ L’Oreal Elnett Flexible Hairspray  – Link (I think I prefer the TRESemme Volume and Lift Firm Hold hairspray)
♥ V05 High Definition Blow Dry Spray – Link
♥ Schwarzkopt got2b Volumising Style Powder – Link
♥ Teasing Brush – Link


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