Gyms Kitchen – Eat Clean, Train Dirty!

Gyms Kitchen We just came back from a lovely dinner at Gyms Kitchen in East London. It’s good and I mean seriously good!

We had a mixed grill of lamb chops (I’m not usually a fan of chops but these were so tender), chicken wings and butterfly chicken breast with brown spicy rice and salad. I tried the chilli sauce and loved it, you could really taste the fresh chills and coriander! I also had the teriyaki sauce which was definitely my favourite! My boyfriend had the pesto sauce and said it was good – so there is definitely a selection to suit all tastes!

We shared the blueberry pancakes for dessert which came with honey and peanut butter. So, so good!!

I also must mention the mocha frappe shake I had (it can be a protein shake) which was far better than any Starbucks frappe! They were also great with changing it to soya and decaf for me, coupled with just generally excellent customer service.

I definitely recommend browsing the menu on their website as it shows the protein/fat/calorie content etc for each item – and don’t forget to try the pancakes!! Also, when we walked in Arg from TOWIE was ordering his food, so if you’re a fan of TOWIE, you’re likely to spot a few in there!

Lastly, if it’s your new year’s resolution to stay fit and healthy, take a trip to Gyms Kitchen for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner or just pancakes and a shake! 


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