Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment and Heat Protector Spray Review

Recently I have been trying out a few new hair products to help my hair grow.

Firstly, the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment – to help grow my hair past the annoying length it seems to always stay at, just past the shoulders.

According to the packaging, this contains some sort of protein-based complex that helps hair grow faster to reach its maximum potential length. I had read quite a few reviews on this product before using it and never believed it would work but my hair is growing – albeit quite slowly, it is actually growing! I massage a dollop of this in-between the shampoo and conditioner and leave on for 5 minutes before washing off.

The next product I use from the Lee Stafford range is the heat protector spray. I know this is generally used for straighteners but I still spray it on before blow drying my hair to protect it from the heat. There isn’t much to say about this product, except that it protects your hair, smells yummy, doesn’t leave it greasy or with any extra residue and there’s a green tea extract in there somewhere! I just spray on towel dried hair, brush through and blow dry.

Once my hair is blow dried I then use Moroccan argan oil on the ends just to keep the dry parts extra nourished. Once I week I also cover my whole head in argan oil as a leave-in condition over night and wash out the following morning. My hair is left silky smooth, nourished and glowing.

The only other difference to my routine at the moment is that I am actually brushing my hair before I go to sleep so that it doesn’t get tangled in the night.

PS. The Lee Stafford range is currently 3 for £12 at Boots – Link.


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