REVIEW: Sleep-in Hair Rollers….Goodbye sleepless nights, hello great hair!

You have probably seen the TOWIE girls with huge pink rollers in their hair and most of these are the sleep-in rollers. Sleep-in rollers have a pretty good Twitter presence and it’s from there that I first noticed them and coveted the pretty drawstring bag. The bag says the slogan ‘Goodbye sleepless nights, hello great hair!

So, do they work? Are they comfy? Yes and no. I love big hair, the bigger the better – so I was pretty excited to try these out. I first tried them while having an afternoon nap and they were ridiculously uncomfortable. Although, they did give a slight root lift.

The second time round they worked wonders. Before going to sleep I put a full head of rollers in (on just washed and dried hair). I put them in so when my head is on the pillow, the rollers lie flat rather than sticking out, and this made them far less uncomfortable. I think you really need to play around with them so that they work for you as lets be serious, huge rollers in your hair while sleeping is never going to give the best night sleep you’ve ever had.

The next day they were quite hard to take out but when they were out, I had big hair! A spritz of hairspray and voila, big, beautiful hair.

You can buy sleep-in rollers for £16.50 – Link.


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