Vita Liberata Fake Tan – Extra Rich Silken Chocolate Tinted Self Tan Gel

Vita Liberata is, quite frankly, beyond amazing. I’ve flirted with endless fake tans and always say I’ve found the best one ‘yet’ – and I do mean yet as this brand outshines all the others on the market.

Used by quite a few celebs and those from Made In Chelsea, I had seen this tanning brand on Twitter a few times but it’s priced slightly higher than the others (around the St Tropez mark), so I always left it in my online basket. However, this is more than worth the £22.50 price tag.

I used the ‘Extra Rich Silken Chocolate’ tinted self tan gel; an organic self tanner full of goodness, containing no nasty toxins.

It literally glides on perfectly with a very smooth consistency which means it spreads well and can be applied pretty quickly.

Another plus point is the scent, well, there isn’t one – it’s odourless! Once applied it’s also an instant colour which develops over a few hours, so you can build it up as much as you want.

When I washed the tan off, I felt like a bronzed goddess, although maybe not so much the goddess part but definitely beautifully bronzed. The colour is very natural and flawless with a lovely dark golden glow.

I looked after my tan tenderly, regularly moisturising and simply patting with the towel after a shower, which meant it did last 7 days without streaking or fading. What’s more, a full body application probably only touched 1/5 of the bottle.

I highly recommend Vita Liberata – the best organic self tan I’ve tried.


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