Painting with Pastels – Barry M Berry Berry Ice Cream

I generally stick to hot pink or dark purple when painting my nails but for my little trip to Marrakech at the weekend I decided to go for something a little more summery, so I chose  Barry M’s Berry Ice Cream.  The colour is so delicious, a very light purple shade (much lighter than the above photo) that reminds me of candyfloss, even though candy floss is pink.

What’s more, I have had this nail varnish on for 5 days now and it’s only just started to chip at the sides so is very long-lasting.  For only £2.99 it’s the best beauty bargain I’ve found in a while!! Pastel nail colours will now be a staple in my Spring/Summer beauty bag & I can’t wait to team them with a pretty, floral dress.

Barry M Berry Ice Cream, £2.99. Link.

*The photo above shows my nails after 5 days, including swimming & sunbathing!


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