Bed Head for Superstar Mahooosive Hair

So, while I lived with my Nan, who always  had stocks of Kerastase, I could indulge in more expensive hair supplies but as soon as I left I knew I had to find a more affordable brand.  I used Dove as a student (and still do in the gym) but a hairdresser friend told me that the typical high street brands like Dove and Pantene simply strip the hair, with Head and Shoulders as the ultimate culprit.  I often use Head & Shoulders if my hair colour has gone too dark to strip the colour!

I now use Bed Head Superstar shampoo and conditioner for thick, massive hair.  Now I personally don’t think this brand is as good as Kerastase but it is slightly more affordable and most salons will have deals, I pay around £19.99 for both.  My colour is protected, my hair definitely increases in volume, is left silky smooth and the conditioner really provides that necessary nourishment.  If you want thicker hair, I definitely recommend trying the superstar range!


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