An Arabian Princess

Princess is a true story detailing the life of a Saudi Arabian Princess, the life behind the veil.  Of course this is anonymous, that is given, particularly due to the cultural constraints in most parts of the Arab world.  However, this story is so heart-wrenching, it opens your eyes to the depths some countries, cultures and religions go to, to protect their beliefs. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive.  Women are not allowed an education (although I think this is slowly changing?).  Women who commit adultery are stoned to death.  Read Sultana’s life from her childhood to becoming a wife and mother and her continuous glimmers of hope.  Luxury doesn’t mean freedom.  Freedom doesn’t mean travelling the world, it could literally be having a choice.  A story that will make you laugh, smile, giggle and cry and evoke feelings of happiness, anger, confusion and hope.  I loved this book and will definitely be reading the next two.


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