A Thousand Splendid Suns

I was recommended A Thousand Splendid Suns by a friend and it was so incredible, I read the book within a week.  This is a story of the harrowing life of two extraordinary women living in war-ridden Afghanistan.  Starting with Mariam as a young child, shunned by the father she so deeply doted on, she was forced into an arranged marriage full of misery.  However, it was the second wife Laila that offered some happiness in Mariam’s life.  The growing friendship between the two main characters – Mariam and Laila – touched my heart.  Through the poverty, suffering and pain, their spirit and love became something stronger than any companionship I have ever witnessed in life.  The second prominent part of the book is the relationship between Laila and Tariq which proves to be the very essence of true love.  The story switches from brutality and horror to love and hope.  Written so well, I became so enthralled with this book that I found myself praying for some sort of happy ending, which sadly turns out to be bitter sweet.  Beyond amazing.  This is a book I will never forget.


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