MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review

One of my fave beauty items and a necessity in my makeup bag is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation. I’ve used this foundation for around 6 years and it’s always the one I go back to!

What I love about this foundation is that the matte texture provides a medium coverage for during the day but it can be built up for evening wear.

It does have quite a thick consistency which means it can be used sparingly and the bottle lasts ages!

Although it provides a clear long-lasting coat, it doesn’t feel too heavy or suffocating, allowing my skin to breathe.

The main reason I use this foundation is to cover a few acne scars on my cheek. While they are not too obvious, they are there, and the MAC Studio Fix is the only foundation I’ve found to really cover them up without caking on a concealer.

It’s also SP15 which is a huge benefit when wearing during the day, however, I have read many MUA’s talking about how foundation with sun protection can make your face flash much lighter in photos. I normally use bronzer in the evening so it really isn’t too much of an issue for me but it could be worth testing out yourself to see how it works for you.

I would also advise using a good powder (after) or primer (before) and apply with a foundation brush.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid £19.50


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