You are what you eat – Food intolerance test

Today I used my Groupon voucher for a Bio-Electronic Regulatory Food Intolerance test. I held a handpiece while the therapist used a probe to connect different food types to an acupuncture point on my finger.  I must add that before this process took place the therapist gave me an electric shock, which was more uncomfortable than any actual physical pain- followed by varying different food substances tested to see how my body reacted to each one.  The Daily Mail have an article ‘Put your food intolerance to the test’ explaining the procedure in more detail.

The results? Well according to the lovely therapist I have the most food intolerances she has ever seen.  This doesn’t suprise me at all, particularly as I suffer from terrible IBS and have done for the last few years.  Blood tests, food diaries and medicine didn’t help so hopefully this will.  I left with a chart on what foods tested very intolerant and that I should avoid (for example certain fish, cows milk, olive oil, lactose, various fruit etc) and others that I shouldn’t eat/drink too much off – including white wine!!

If you struggle with IBS or similar symptoms, I definitely reccomend this.  Although do remember your body needs a balanced diet so don’t cut everything out!


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