Grazing for girls & guys on the go

I am one of those who love to snack.  I may eat an oreo, then one more, and before I know it the whole pack has gone!  So, it was with absolute delight that I found Graze boxes.  The concept of a graze box is actually quite remarkable; healthy snacks in a box.  Visit the online store and put your taste buds to play by choosing which items you wish to like, bin, love or try.  With so many choices from dried fruit to nuts, olives, focaccia and even flapjacks, there really is something for everyone.  What I like even more, is you have complete control over your order, choosing what day(s) you wish to buy a box – and they are sent through the post with no waiting around to sign for delivery.  I receive my graze box at work, so I can pick on healthy snacks all day long without feeling guilty.  The ultimate office snack full of nutrition!

A graze box costs just £3.49 including delivery, please see


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